The mission of the Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities (AJCU) is to support and promote U.S. Jesuit higher education by facilitating cooperative efforts among and providing services to its 27 member institutions, providing a forum for the exchange of experience and information, and representing the work of U.S. Jesuit higher education at the national and international levels. With these ideals in mind, the AJCU’s Conference on Multicultural Affairs was established in 1981 in order to provide a forum for diversity/multicultural affairs professionals and students from Jesuit universities and colleges across the United States to share information relative to students of color at Jesuit institutions.  Since its inaugural meeting in 1982 at Loyola University, Chicago, the CMA has convened every year on the third weekend in June to discuss a variety of issues that affect these students, from social justice and affirmative action to multicultural leadership and pursuing academic excellence amid challenges.

Founding Members

Lily Adams-Dudly, Canisius College

Angeles Eames, Loyola University of Chicago

Ines Gomez, Santa Clara University

Samuel Harvey, Jr., Georgetown University

George Lowery, Marquette University

EuGene Marshall, Loyola College in Maryland

Ogretta McNeil, College of the Holy Cross

William Reid, III, Saint Peter’s College

Carl Thomas, LeMoyne College

CMA/CDE  Past Chairs

1981 – 1983     Samuel Harvey, Jr. – Georgetown University

1983 – 1984     William Reed, III – Saint Peter’s College

1984 – 1985     Edith Jones – Loyola University of New Orleans

1985 – 1986     Carl Thomas – LeMoyne College

1986 – 1987     EuGene Marshall – Loyola College in Maryland

1987 – 1988     Linda Patton – Saint Louis University

1988 – 1989     Michael Phillip – University of Detroit–Mercy

1989 – 1990     Angeles Eames – Loyola University of Chicago

1990 – 1991     Larri Mazon – Fairfield University

1991 – 1992     Donald Brown – Boston University

1992 – 1994     Jorge Ramirez – Seattle University

1994 – 1996     EuGene Marshall – Loyola College in Maryland

1996 – 1998     Dan Bunch – Boston College

1998 – 2000     Jacqueline Starks – Saint Joseph’s University

2000 – 2002     Marshall Sauceda – Loyola Marymount University

2002 – 2004     Donette Alonzo – Rockhurst University

2004 – 2006     Sheilah Shaw Horton – Boston College

2006 – 2008     Ricardo Ariza – Creighton University

2008—2010     Xavier Cole – Loyola University Maryland

2010 – 2014    Mable Millner – College of the Holy Cross

2014 – 2016     Rodney Parker – Loyola University Maryland

2016 – 2018     D.J. Todd – Marquette University

CDE is hosted annually on the campus of an AJCU member institution.  The summer conference brings together colleagues of all areas of campus to discuss the broad range of issues that significantly impact the education of students of color in Jesuit institutions of higher education.  In so doing, we endeavor to assist Jesuit institutions to identify those issues that are of the most immediate concern to their constituencies and develop strategies to effectively address those issues.


Responding to the Jesuit call to stand in solidarity for and with others, the Conference on Diversity and Equity strives to ensure access and success of underrepresented students, provide professional guidance, and educate on diversity, social justice and equity.


AJCU CDE will be recognized as a leader in generating and promoting best practices regarding diversity and equity in higher education by actualizing magis to meet the challenges/demands/needs of an ever-evolving learning environment.


The CDE is composed of four regions: Northeastern, Southwestern, Midwestern, and Western.  Each region has a representative, and each Jesuit college or university in the respective region has a campus representative.

CDE Structure & Board

The CDE Executive Board consists of a chair, vice chair and parliamentarian, secretary, treasurer, information officer, regional representatives, archivist, historian emeritus, and board advisors.  The annual meeting site coordinator also attends all board meetings.  Within the framework of its organizational structure, the CDE establishes ad-hoc subcommittees which normally are short-termed in duration.

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