On behalf of the Conference on Diversity and Equity (CDE), we want to acknowledge that the events from the past week continue to reinforce the tragic fact that the structure of systemic racism, oppression and white supremacy continues to be a scourge affecting our communities.  Whether it is the continued policing of black and brown bodies, to the killing of unarmed individuals, the continued double-standard of treatment based on race, the ongoing violence against trans individuals of color to the Anti-Asian and anti-immigrant rhetoric.

This landscape affects the work that we try to do on a daily basis on our campuses and communities. For all of the hard work our colleagues and peers put into programs, services and education of students, faculty and staff, these efforts continue to be stymied by the negative forces in our society.  

As the Conference for Diversity and Equity (CDE), we are committed to doubling our collective efforts to fight back against the forces of systemic racism and oppression. We must do more to take care of ourselves, but we also must do more to engage our respective campus stakeholders to be better allies and advocates.  We must do more to address anti-blackness and to advocate that Blacks Lives Do Matter. Our stakeholders have a responsibility to speak up and take action as well.

As colleagues that work within Jesuit institutions and within the diversity, equity and inclusion areas, we have an even greater responsibility and burden. We know first-hand the emotional toll that recent events have had on our personal well-being.

During the CDE Virtual Annual Meeting on Wednesday, June 3, 2020, we will be holding space during the meeting for colleagues to come together during this time.  We will be providing opportunities over the next few weeks to be more intentional and deliberate in developing strategies.  

Even with the uncertainty of what the next academic school year will be like, issues of diversity, inclusion and equity do not take a back seat within our communities. We must continue to be vigilant and proactive.
CDE Executive Board
Ray Plaza (Santa Clara), CDE Chair
Bennie Williams (Le Moyne), CDE Vice Chair  
Will Johnson (Fairfield), CDE Treasurer
Angel Garcia (Georgetown), CDE Information Officer
Tyanna McLaurin (Marquette), CDE Regional Representative
Michelle Kim (Seattle), CDE Regional Representative
Raven Williams (Loyola Maryland), CDE Regional Representative
DJ Todd (Marquette), CDE Past Chair

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