Submit a Program for AJCUCDE 2018.

The Problem or The Solution: Examining Our Systems to Better Serve Our Students” is our guiding theme for the Annual Meeting. The beautiful campus of Marquette University which is planted in downtown Milwaukee just off Lake Michigan is excited to have you.

We are seeking creative and dynamic programs that will engage with our mission and our meeting’s theme. Deadline for program proposals will be April 15th, 2018. Register Here.

Potential Workshop/Plenary/Discussion Ideas:
• How systems dictate our execution of policies
• The intersection of Higher Education and the Jesuit Education
• Don’t lose your job: Mentoring Young professionals to challenge the system effectively
• History of Faculty Systems that Impact the Classroom
• Navigating University Systems to Enhance Student Leadership
• Bulletin-Literate: Advising Students to Understand their Academic Requirements
• HR Policies and the Impact on Creating a Professionally Diverse Campus
• The Impact of the Student Conduct System Across Campus Subcultures
• Intentional Development to Maximize Your Role in the Systems of Our Campuses
• Understanding Systematic Oppression Among Strategic Planning
• Designing Strategic Plans With Justice in Mind
• Navigating University Systems to Support Student Activism
• What Do Inclusive and Equitable Institutions Look Like?
• Athletic Advising as a Priority in the World of D-I Jesuit Education
• Impeding or Enhancing Inclusion: Examining Our Role in Changing Jesuit Institutions
• Let’s Get Equitable: Moving From Diversity to Justice-Serving Institutions

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